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Lean Six Sigma is a process improvement method designed to eliminate problems, remove waste & inefficiency and improve working conditions to respond better to customer needs.

It combines the tools, techniques, and principles of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma methods into one robust methodology striving for eliminating waste of physical resources, time, effort, and talent while assuring quality in production and organisational processes.

Lean Six Sigma’s team-oriented approach has proven results in maximising efficiency and improving profitability for businesses around the globe. And this is why a lot of companies prefer seeking professional help by taking Lean Six Sigma consulting services and enjoying its benefits.

Are you wondering what Lean Six Sigma consulting services do or what benefits they can bring? Does it help an individual as well? Let us dive deeper into every question!

Lean Six Sigma Consulting in Mumbai

What can Lean Six Sigma Consulting Services do?


They are a team of experts trained and certified in Lean Six Sigma to help other companies implement process improvement in their businesses. They do this by assessing the organisation’s entire operations/business model to create innovative solutions and strategies that help increase efficiency and lower costs.

We at Arrowhead also provide Lean Six Sigma consulting in Mumbai and have helped companies across 9+ countries with our expertise in Lean Six Sigma consulting services.


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What are the Benefits of implementing Lean Six Sigma in Organisations?

  • Improvement in Process: One of the primary reasons companies lose out on doing profitable business is ‘Poor Strategies’. Poor strategies often lead to bleeding out more money, delay in work and inefficiency. But opting for DMAIC – the problem-solving approach that drives Lean Six Sigma helps improve the processes. According to asq.org, DMAIC is a five-phased method – Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control. These five factors help streamline the procedures to allow the business to provide services/products faster, reduce variations, improve the quality of work, and enable efficiency. 
  • Increase in Revenue: Streamlining processes and enabling systems to operate at a higher rate increases revenue. Lean Six Sigma eliminates many processes that unnecessarily consume time and money. Reducing the time taken to serve the end customer, better asset allocation and utilisation, and improving the processes’ overall efficiency helps the organisation churn out more revenue and efficiency. 
  • Increase in Efficiency: When the systems and processes are improved, it automatically increases efficiency in the company. The quality of work and services gets better, and unwanted steps and resources are eliminated that helps lower costs. It also helps in making better utilisation of the workforce. When combined, all this results in increased profitability.
  • Lowers Costs: Integration of Lean Six Sigma into business processes enables cost reduction by eliminating the weak and unwanted steps and procedures that bloat your costs within the system. 
  • Reduced Time to Deliver Services/Product to End Customer: When unnecessary processes are eliminated, it also increases the speed of delivering the end product/service to the customers. It helps increase profitability as the end customer is satisfied with the speedy service and opens opportunities to conduct more projects. 

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Are you Amazed by the power that Lean Six Sigma brings to an organisation when implemented well? You’d be astonished by how It can also help an individual and guarantee some great perks. 

  • Here are benefits from an individual’s perspective that Lean Six Sigma can provide :
  • Hike in Salary: If one gets certified in Lean Six Sigma, the skillset helps in strengthening personality and reputation. One’s capability to handle situations, create innovative solutions, and help the company grow faster increases compared to other employees. It leads to higher chances for a better salary as one proves to be a valuable asset to the company.
  • Increased Chances of Promotion: Lean Six Sigma helps elevate one’s skillset so that the chances of getting promoted to a higher position skyrockets immediately. 
  • Strengthens Reputation: Having the title and certification of Lean Six Sigma builds your reputation in your organisation and the field of work. It helps network faster and opens the door for multiple opportunities, including being a Lean Six Sigma consultant in India or providing Six Sigma consulting services.

With the speed with which Technology and Innovation are increasing in business, it is a competitive advantage to implement Six Sigma as early as possible to foster good end-customer relations, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

You can also opt for virtual Lean Six Sigma consulting services and scale your company. At Arrowhead – a Lean Six Sigma consulting services firm in Mumbai, we have been in this industry long.

We have helped Corporates, Educational Institutions, and NGOs around the globe to tread a successful Lean Six Sigma journey. We also train individuals in Lean Six Sigma; for more details, you can reach out to us at Contact us arrowheadco.net.

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