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Suresh Ramakrishnan

E-tail Services, India

Ani is a well-informed individual. He is a pleasure to talk to and a delight to have wide ranging conversations with. His technical expertise and a systems & process driven approach paves the way for clear goals and deliverables. He is articulate in what he wishes to express; his well-structured and informed opinions make people sit and take notice.

arrowhead lean six sigma client



arrowhead lean six sigma client

Bindu Pillay

HR Services, India

Ani is a very dynamic leader with clear vision of what he wants to achieve for himself, his team & the business. He is extremely knowledgeable in areas of project management, customer service & standardization of processes; his attention to detail in these areas is second to none which keeps his subordinates striving to be better.

He is a great people manager and is good at judging pulse of his team & manages them very well.

The best part is that despite tough situations, Ani keeps his smile intact. Overall I strongly feel that he is a man of exceptional leadership qualities & can extract the best out of his team.

Dr. Akshay Joshi

Education Sector, India

I have known Ani as a strong leader with vision. His association with PVG as an Alumni and tireless efforts to setup an annual grant resulted in USD 150,000 for PVG COET speaks volumes of his commitment to serve his juniors and prove as an apt role model for them.

Ani is meticulous in his project work, has good communication skills and behaves like a leader! It’s been a great partnership to work with Ani through the last 15 years that I have known him.

arrowhead lean six sigma client


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