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Kaizen Consulting Services in Mumbai, India

What Is Kaizen?
Kaizen is a Japanese word that means ‘Improvement’. According to Investopedia, Kai means “improve” and Zen means “better”. Moreover, it’s a concept referring to continuously improving in any area of life, be it Business, where the organisation grows up to an individual wanting to progress in personal & social life.

There are thousands of big brand companies that use the Kaizen process in manufacturing, FMCG, Retail, IT, Education, Hospitality, BFSI, Telecom, Government entities. Every sector uses Kaizen when it comes to finding solutions for continuous improvement, as it gives room for improvement always instead of being a time-bound process.

Kaizen has been implemented globally, including in India, so often that the demand has made many firms start Kaizen consulting in India. Not just in India but also in your state, where even if you search for Kaizen consulting in Mumbai you will finding multiple firms and resources. This does make you curious about what Kaizen is precisely and how to implement it correctly to drive good results. So let’s dive straight into it.

Kaizen Consulting Services

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How Arrowhead Does Kaizen Consulting?

Understanding the main issue and its crux to solving anything is crucial. Identifying the problem helps to move in the right direction and saves time for the organisation. So the initial step is to figure out what the issue is and in which department?

You can appoint a head/ leader in each department who will look after finding and noting the issues faced to its core by diving deeper and discussing with the department’s employees. This will give you a 360 degree perspective on the problems faced by the organisation as a whole. This is the first step that every firm offering Kaizen consulting services also takes.

Once you have a list of problems per different departments within your organisation, start prioritising them by studying the impact they will have on the organisation if delayed any further. Once you do the above task, you can appoint experienced problem-solving members from your team and further analyse the problems. 

This will speed up the process massively. As a firm offering Kaizen consulting in Mumbai and India, we consider this step to be done correctly for effective results.

Now that you have analysed the problem in-depth, the next step is to look out for multiple solutions to solve the issue. While developing optimal solutions, it is essential to consider a holistic approach of whether the Kaizen team and the rest of the organisation, overall benefits for that department or organisation as a whole, and other major deciding factors.

This is an important step and requires specific tools and concepts of Lean and Six-Sigma to develop a robust fail-proof solution. As a firm offering Kaizen consulting in Mumbai and India, we deploy our Black-Belts to guide you through this phase.

Now it’s time to implement the solution and test out if it will work out well or not? Implementing the answer within a small group or scale first to test its success is always better than executing it on a larger scale. 

Do not delay by overthinking it too much but also go entirely prepared while sharing the solution with the team. Planning out the execution of the solution will help track the progress and fallouts. As Kaizen consulting services firm, we highly recommend our clients to follow the records well and in detail for further changes.

Tracking the progress and fallouts as mentioned above will help study the result better and give space to make changes if deemed necessary. If the changes are minor, then you are almost set to go ahead with standardising the process. 

As the core concept of Kaizen, this is all about continuous improvement so you can keep implementing changes, but if the solution isn’t working out at all, you need to go back to steps two and three. It can get tough at times to figure out; hence in such cases, you can always opt for hiring or taking opinions from seasoned firms offering Kaizen consulting services.

Suppose the results turn out to be positive. In that case, it’s time to move forward and standardise the process so that the organisation works smoothly by adapting all-new solutions you have visualised. As a premier Kaizen consulting services firm in Mumbai and India, we suggest standardising solutions implemented in small groups and the whole organisation. This will save time resources and make employees’ work more accessible as they will have an organised and optimised solution rather than testing out multiple things. It boosts employees’ confidence and works enthusiasm, which is an excellent achievement for any company.

These were the steps to implement Kaizen correctly. I hope it helped you understand the basics of How Arrowhead does Kaizen consulting? In case of any queries or difficulties, you can always reach out to us at ani.khandekar@arrowheadco.net.
We provide one of the best Kaizen consulting services by customising solutions per your sector, competitive landscape, and organisational needs. We are engaged in more than 9000+ hours spread across 360+ kaizens in India, USA, China, UK, Thailand, and offer Kaizen consulting in Mumbai and India.



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