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In manufacturing, they say, 100% efficiency is heaven and time, money, and quality are the ways to get there. Well, 100% efficiency is a myth, but that being said, it is also an opportunity to grow all the time. One such pathway to the manufacturing silver city is the adoption of Lean Manufacturing powered by Value Stream Mapping (VSM). 

Value Stream Mapping is one of the most robust and efficient methods to address your manufacturing and supply chain needs across domains and value points. This article explores what VSM entails for you and how you can use Value Stream Mapping in India to manage and scale your supply chain operations. However, before we dive into VSM, we must quickly look at Lean Manufacturing.

How does Arrowhead Take Care of Value Stream Mapping Efficiently?

Making Manufacturing Lean

As debuted with Toyota’s TPS, Lean manufacturing is a systematic methodology that strives to reduce manufacturing waste, create sustainable customer value, and maintain continuous process improvement. This system adapts traditional lean project management principles, techniques, and tools in the mainstream supply chain. 

The lean manufacturing system has five core principles: value, value stream mapping, flow creation, pull system, and continuous improvement. Given its great significance in the entire system, let’s quickly look at value stream mapping.


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What is Value Stream Mapping (VSM)?

Value Stream Mapping (VSM), also known as material and information flow mapping, is a technique in the lean manufacturing arena to analyse, design, and manage the flow of materials and information required to bring a product to a customer. In other words, it maps the flow of value inside a supply chain. 

The applications of value stream mapping are not only in physical supply chains but also in the service industry. Virtually any process that delivers some value can benefit from VSM. It employs standardised symbols to depict various work streams and information flows.

Additionally, each stage and endpoint is mapped as adding value or not adding value from the customer’s perspective. The primary idea remains to eliminate all process/value chain aspects that don’t add value. The question is, how does this all work?

VSM training is employed to improve any process that features redundancy or repeatable steps, especially when multiple handoffs are in the mix. However, managing handoffs is simpler in physical processes than in virtual ones. For example, in manufacturing, handoffs are simpler to work because they involve the handoff of a tangible deliverable through workstations. 


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Any disruption can be localised and addressed. However, in more virtual processes, it gets a tad bit difficult. It is one of the reasons why value stream mapping for the service industry is solicited to ensure no handoff or endpoint goes unaddressed. VSM is further split into two types: enterprise-level and extended value stream mapping.

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Enterprise vs Extended

Enterprise Value Stream Mapping is a lean development technique used to identify and strip wasteful steps out of a company’s flow of information and materials. The end goal of the method is to make only the company in consideration lean, i.e., free of wasted effort by improving the processes.

However, modern supply chains are often more complex and extend beyond just your company. Extended Value Stream Mapping considers the entire supply chain, including your suppliers, their providers, and post-sale providers.

How to Execute Value Stream Mapping Effectively?

Value Stream Mapping aims to critically work on every step in the value delivery process to identify and nullify wasted labour, time, or materials. Although VSM remains a complex and time-consuming process best left to consultants and experts, here are a few steps to get started with:

  • Documentation: Document all the current upstream/downstream processes. Be sure not to skip anything or take an activity for granted.

  • Process Breakdown: Identify and list every step inside these processes. Focus on what happens and when it happens.

  • Customer value: Look at each step to determine which adds value to the customer and which doesn’t.

  • The Perfect Process: If you could eliminate all waste and generate output with 100% value, what would that process be?

  • Hurdles: Identify those parts of the current process that get in the way of perfection.

  • Mitigation: Identify significant initiatives to reduce or eliminate waste. 

  • Delegation: Assign tasks and responsibilities once you’ve determined the needed initiatives.

Value Stream Mapping in India

India is home to many companies in traditional industries and services that could greatly benefit from the application of Value Stream Mapping. Various Value Stream Mapping consultants in India work at different levels and niches, and even fewer consultants for Value Stream Mapping in Mumbai.

However, very few VSM consultants in India provide Value Stream Mapping for a service industry. Arrowhead Consulting is deeply embedded in providing Value Stream Mapping services based in Mumbai. Our capabilities range across VSM training, VSM services for enterprises of all types, consultancy, etc.

Your organisation needs to be an efficient machine with well-oiled processes, and we’d love to work with you on that. So, are you ready to improve your value delivery?

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